Introducing: InDependent’s Wellness Lounge

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InDependent’s new Wellness Lounge premiers in March, along with the 2019 Military Spouse Wellness Summit.

 Last summer, as we were reviewing feedback from the 2018 Summit and brainstorming ways to make InDependent’s offerings even more impactful, we imagined a space where military spouses could come together to deep dive Summit topics throughout the year. Summit Week is an invigorating and inspiring highlight of our year, but with so many good ideas coming at us at once, we wanted to take the time to explore the lessons from each of the 10 interviews at length. We’ll spend one month on each of the interviews, focusing on leading our lives with purpose, one month on women’s health, and one month on occupational health. 

 The Wellness Lounge is an exclusive Facebook group, included with an All-Access Pass to the Summit, and available to others by subscription after that. It’s already up and running with a walking/running challenge that leads up to Summit Week. 

 During Summit Week, this is where All-Access participants will come to:

·     discuss the daily interviews

·     attend intention-setting workshops

·     get access to the daily fitness challenge 

·     receive nutrition tips

·     participate in opportunities for daily giveaways

 All-Access participants will also receive a full menu plan and a beautiful Wellness Lounge Guide complete with the plan for the week and journaling prompts. This guide will keep you focused for the week and help make sure that you don’t miss a thing. 

 After Summit Week, Wellness Lounge members will receive:

·     Access to the featured interview

·     Themed workbook

·     Weekly challenges

·     Workouts

·     Recipes 

·     Nutrition tips

·     Facebook LIVEs with wellness experts

·     Opportunity to interact in the Lounge with organizers, experts, and each other

 We are delighted to have Meg Flanagan, an education expert, on board as our Wellness Lounge Coordinator. She’s organizing the content for the Wellness Lounge, which includes writing the monthly workbooks to enhance your learning. Pam Chavez, from Health on the Homefront, will be with us as a nutrition expert all year. And, Claire Yanta-O-Mahoney, from Fleur de Lis Fitness, will be with us all year as our fitness expert. This dream team is working hard to guide you toward a more purposeful life in the coming year. We’re excited to get started!

 If you want to make sure that you’re in on the Wellness Lounge action from the start, make sure to sign up for an All-Access pass to the Wellness Summit. We can’t wait to see you in the Lounge!


Kimberly Bacso is the operations director and co-founder of InDependent. She began her career working as a certified public accountant and earning a Master of Business Administration degree, but after becoming an Army spouse and mom, she followed her passions for teaching and wellness and became a yoga teacher. In addition to her work for InDependent, she is the managing editor of Legacy Magazine, a print publication celebrating service member families. She is a lifelong vegetarian who loves experimenting with new recipes and enjoying a good cup of tea. She can often be found traveling off the beaten path with her husband and daughter.