Instagram Summer Motivation Series - Fitness Challenge


InDependent's #IDsummermotivation fitness series will feature strength training, cardio, and plyometric workouts.If you enjoyed our Summer Motivation Series - Eat Well on Instagram, how about trying another? For many of us, maintaining any kind of workout schedule is hard during the summer. We are traveling a lot, on vacation, or just out of routine. InDependent would like to challenge you to make your workouts a priority without sacrificing much time with workouts that you can do anywhere – no equipment necessary! This series will feature strength training, cardio, and plyometric workouts that will take, at most, 30 minutes a day.

We’ll post a new workout each day. Cardio days are simple, just follow the instructions. If you are on vacation or just PCSed to a new location, use these cardio sessions as an opportunity to explore a new area. For strength training days, the workouts are designed to be circuit style – that is, perform one set of each exercise with no rest in between exercises. Once you have completed a full circuit (or all exercises), rest for 30 seconds and repeat. For beginners, we suggest that you perform each exercise for 30 seconds. If you are more advanced, perform each for one minute. Workouts will slowly progress and become more difficult as the month goes on.

To participate, just snap a photo before, during, or after each workout and tag #IDSummerMotivation. Note, this is slightly different than what we had been using. With the ID in front, we can see just our posts on Instagram without wading through a bunch of other photos.

Good luck!

P.S. Here’s a summery of what the month will look like in case you need to plan ahead:

July 1: Strength

July 2: Cardio

July 3: Stretch

July 4: Strength

July 5: Cardio

July 6: Rest

July 7: Strength

July 8: Cardio

July 9: Strength

July 10: Strength

July 11: Strength

July 12: Cardio

July 13: Rest

July 14: Strength

July 15: Strength

July 16: Cardio

July 17: Strength

July 18: Strength

July 19: Cardio

July 20: Rest

July 21: Strength

July 22: Plyo

July 23: Strength

July 24: Cardio

July 25: Strength

July 26: Strength

July 27: Rest

July 28: Plyo

July 29: Strength

July 30: Cardio

July 31: Strength