Help Meg Find a Gym Bag


Help Meg Find a Gym Bagneed your help finding the right gym bag. I dont have one. As substitutes, I have used backpacks, small overnight bags, and sometimes even grocery bags for my gym clothes.

One of the issues I have with not having a designated gym bag is that my backpack and my cute leather overnight bag have started smelling like eau de sweaty gym. Not to mention, I never know if I have everything I need. I have been in the same shoes as Michele was before she got her gym bag in order. I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not fun wearing a sports bra from your morning workout all day long.

I recently went on a two-week trip with my family. I took my workout clothes so my husband and I could go running together. Lets just say, finding a place to put sweaty running clothes in a suitcase without having your other clothes starting to smell was an issue. Unfortunately I had to do laundry throughout our journey.

My dilemma in picking out a bag stems from the fact that I dont technically go to a gym to workout on a regular basis. I either run or practice yoga at home the majority of the time. This has made it difficult for me to invest in something that I wont use often. And since I have yet to win any online contests where a sweet bag is involved, then I am going to have to buy an inexpensive one. Occasionally, I attend workshops or go to a yoga studio for classes. However, I am hoping to revamp my schedule in the next month or so and make time for the gym in the mornings a few days a week. Hence, I will need a proper gym bag that can accommodate gym time, yoga classes, or running.

So, I need your help in finding a good gym bag that meets the following criteria:

  • Easy to pack for travel.

  • Hold a yoga mat or have straps to do so.

  • Have pockets for items like keys, wallet, after gym essentials.

  • Room for workout clothes and shoes.

  • Won’t absorb odors or is easy to clean.

Gym Bag Essentials

Here is what I plan on packing once I find the gym bag of my dreams (with your help of course).


  1. Workout or street clothes

  2. Shoes

  3. Yoga mat

  4. Yoga towel – Since I haven’t invested in a quality yoga mat I needed something extra that wasn’t going to cost me a great deal of money to help keep me from slipping around on the mat. Luckily I received my yogatoes towel from my sister, Lucy, for my 30th birthday.

  5. Small towel – I was once told that women don’t sweat. They glow. Well I glow heavily when I am at the gym or in an intense yoga class. So having a small towel makes me more presentable and less icky to others.

  6. Toiletries – Shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, hair gel, deodorant.

  7. Yoga Belt - Helps me get into those harder yoga poses when I’m feeling extra tight.

Help me out. Tell me in the comments below what has been your favorite gym bag and why? Any recommendations are appreciated!