Three Fitness Apparel Stores that Offer a Military Discount


There are so many disadvantages that we face as military spouses: deployments, field time, late nights, moving constantly – the list goes on. But one of the biggest advantages that we do have is the military discount. Having held a dependent (ugh) ID card for most of my life, it has become a habit of mine to always ask if a store offers military discounts as I check out. Although many big brands don’t, some do.

With the amount of workout clothes that I try to stuff into my closet, it’s nice to have a little help. I have found that having a cute gym wardrobe that fits well motivates me to keep it that way – those awesome tight shorts won’t look nearly as great if I skip the gym and binge on burgers and fries for a couple of weeks!

Here are three of my favorite brands of workout attire that offer military discounts:

  1. Nike
  2. Why we love it: Nike stores are everywhere – and they also offer the discount everywhere.  Seriously, they are pretty much the Starbucks of fitness. Between Nike, Niketown, Nike Running, and Nike Factory stores you can always find something that you just have to have for your next workout.  Just present your ID at checkout for the 10% discount.

  3. Under Armour 
  4. Why we love it: Like Nike, the military discount is available at their regular store and outlet locations but also online! (Yes, you read that right.) During checkout you can have your ID verified via Troop ID to receive your 10% discount.

  5. Lady Foot Locker
  6. Why we love it: Boasting many leading fitness brands, there are a lot of options at Lady Foot Locker. In addition to being at most malls and probably the closest option for most military bases, Lady Foot Locker also offers their military discount online. Upon checkout, click the military discount option under payment and Foot Locker will contact you for verification for 20% off your order.

So when your husband raises his eyebrows and asks where all of the new gym clothes are coming from just smile sweetly and say you are just supporting stores that support our troops. 

Happy shopping!

3 Fitness Apperal Stores that Offer a Military Discount