Food Challenge: Cabbage


Trends in food seem to come and go just as quickly as clothing fashion. First kale was all the rage. Then collards were the new kale, but what about the humble cabbage? It hasn’t gotten its time in the spotlight recently.

Well I think the tides are turning for cabbage. I really enjoy it because you can dress it in a salad and let it sit, simmer it in a soup, or wrap it in a tortilla and save it for lunch. No matter what, it holds up really well without getting soggy. My daughter always asks to buy the red cabbage when she goes with me to the commissary just because it’s purple (not red!) and pretty. 

Cabbage tends to be somewhat sweeter than its cruciferous counterparts like kale, collards, and Brussels sprouts, and it’s off the charts in vitamin K which helps build healthy bones and also protects the heart. It is also rich in vitamin C.

Show us your cabbage dishes!  #IDfoodchallenge

How to prepare Cabbage

Classic Minestrone

via Martha Stewart

This is a go-to weeknight recipe for me in the winter.  I can prep everything and leave it to simmer on the stove while I get ready to teach yoga or supervise homework and music practice. 

To speed up the prep work, sometimes I use frozen green beans, and I like to use new potatoes with the skins.

Usually, a bowl of soup full of veggies and beans is enough for my dinner, but if my family wants more, I’ll make some vegetarian Italian sausage and whole grain bread to round out the meal.

Creamy Avocado & White Bean Wrap

via Eating Well

This is a lunchtime favorite.  It holds up really well in a packed lunch.  I always have leftover cabbage so I just add some pumpkin or sunflower seeds and I have a beautiful salad for later.

The bean and avocado mix can be bland, so check to see if you need to add some salt before spreading on the wrap.

Raw Pad Thai

by Vegangela

Depending on the Pad Thai you choose, one serving could set you back over a thousand calories. If you want all of the taste without all of the rice noodles, try this raw version.  Serve it as a salad or add your favorite protein to round out the meal.