Healthy Fall Party Menu

fall party menu pin

fall party menu pin

The arrival of fall is a wonderful excuse to host a party.  Everybody is excited for fresh flavors that come with the change of the season. 

When you think of a fall party menu, people often think about tailgating food and all the unhealthy options. To keep your family and friends fit this fall try these tasty treats.

This healthy menu boasts delicious finger foods that require short preparation times and only the Pumpkin Pie Nog requires heating.  The finger foods can all be made in advance and if you put the nog on the stove just before your guests arrive, the pumpkin pie spice will make your house smell warm and inviting.

All of the food is healthy, so a small scoop of ice cream in the Pumpkin Pie Nog is a nice treat.  The concoction is tasty even without ice cream so you might consider scooping ice cream upon request in case some people prefer not to have it.


Greek Yogurt Dip

InDependent Original

Pumpkin-Pecan Bites

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Veggies and White Bean Dip

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Pumpkin Pie Nog

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Invite some friends over soon to enjoy some good food and celebrate the change of the seasons.

Do you have a recipe for a favorite fall finger food?