Five Good Digestion Tips for the Holidays


Don't you hate that feeling of exhaustion, bloating, and guilt that comes after a big holiday party or family meal? The holidays are the time of year when we spend a lot of time with family, and in my world that means eating a lot of food. Traveling for all of these activities that can also add stress to your digestive system.

But, it’s not a completely hopeless situation. Here are few simple rules you can keep in mind to help support good digestion during the holidays:

  1. Plan out your eating schedule for your busiest days. When you know you will have a day that is jam packed with family activities, shopping, or traveling, make a plan for what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Maybe this means packing a lunch for the car ride, or planning a healthy snack before you leave for a dinner party. This will help you be as prepared as possible instead of relying on the unhealthy options that seem to be everywhere.
  2. Drink lots of warm water. Our minds often think that we are hungry when we are actually thirsty so make sure you get enough liquid into your body to stay hydrated. Warm water supports good digestion because your stomach can focus on digesting food rather than bringing the water up to body temperature. Drinking a big mug of warm or hot water when you wake up is a great way to start your day and flush out your system.
  3. Move your body first thing in the morning. Once your busy day gets rolling it's much harder to fit in your workout. Set your alarm 20 minutes early than you would otherwise and make a plan the night before to fit in a yoga practice or walk in the morning air. Your body will thank you later!
  4. Stay away from the appetizer table. Save room for your big meal by resisting the urge to graze on chips, salsa, cheese, and crackers earlier. Your digestive system is much stronger when it only has to work on digesting one meal that is eaten at the same time instead of smaller amounts of food over a long period of time. If there is an appetizer that you really enjoy set one serving of it aside and eat it right before you go have your meal.
  5. Don't feel guilty about the foods you are eating. The emotional connection we have to food has a very powerful influence on our digestion. As you are eating foods that might not be on your healthy list keep your awareness on the food, don't overindulge, and make sure you enjoy each bite you take.

Have a wonderful, safe holiday season and know that staying on top of your digestion now will make you feel much better as you start the new year.

What is your favorite strategy to keep feeling your best this season?