Coffee vs. Tea - Your Choice


Coffee vs. Tea - your choiceThere is a big debate on which is better:  coffee or tea. Adamant coffee drinkers will tell you one thing while the dainty tea sippers will say another. Both have decent arguments, but in my opinion, it all boils down to taste.

Coffee AND tea offer multiple health benefits. One of best benefits is simply enjoying the calming ritual of tea or coffee. It’s a time to slow down, sip, and enjoy the flavor. I mean have you ever seen anyone chug a cup of hot tea or coffee? Check out Greatist’s infographic on why coffee and tea are so amazing for you, and then find out what the InDependent community had to contribute to the debate.

Which one are you? Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

Tea! –Marisa

Coffee with a dash of almond milk and cinnamon! –Michele

As I sit and enjoy my tea of the day –I’d have to say both! Coffee with cinnamon in the morning and green matcha tea in the afternoon to fend off that mid-day slump. –Leslie

Tea all day long. Black in the morning, fruit or decaf green in the evening. Sometimes with a splash of vanilla almond milk...most of the time straight up. –Kimberly

Coffee, but only once a month. Hot tea though if I can get it. –Katie

One cup of coffee in the morning, black tea just after lunch, and then fruit or herbal tea in the afternoon and evening. I average about five cups of tea a day! –Kate

Coffee in the morning/afternoon, tea in the evening! –Jimi

Hot tea in the morning if I am not lazy and get out of bed in time. As a southern girl, I like my chilled green tea for the afternoon, but not too late. I am up all night if I drink it after 2 p.m. –Meg

If it were healthy, I would start every morning with cracking open a Coke can. Oh wouldn't it be glorious? But since it's terrible disguised with an awesome taste, I opt for water. Cold water, even on cold days. –Erin

Mornings are started with coffee, and evenings end with a cup of winter spice tea. –Valerie

Hot chocolate for me with marshmallows. Don't like coffee. But on a more grown-up note, my most recent experience with TAZO Sweet Orange Tea was a double thumbs up! –Sara

Have you tried hot water with lemon? Surprisingly it refreshes and energizes me just as much as tea and coffee. –Michele