Our Healthy Hero: Anna Courie


Meet Anna Courie

Anna Fitch Courie, RN, BSN, MS is the author of “Christ Walk: A 40 Day Spiritual Fitness Program.” “Christ Walk” is a 40 day spiritual fitness program designed for individuals, groups, and churches to focus on improving mind, body, and spiritual health.  Ms. Courie is a registered nurse by training and has been working in the health care field for the past seventeen years.  More recently, she has been a consultant for the US Army Public Health Command on building community coalitions for health.  Ms. Courie began working directly with churches eight years ago combining her love of health with spiritual fulfillment.  “Christ Walk” was born from this partnership.  Ms. Courie is a wife, mother, military spouse, and lay person.  Ms. Courie has been a military spouse for over 12 years and a former Navy Brat.  She now says, “Go Army, Beat Navy.”  Each day she is blessed to be able to “Christ Walk” in her life. Follow her on Facebook and at her Christ Walk blog.

Our Healthy Hero: Anna Fitch Courie, RN, BSN, MS