Three-Part Breath for Peace


Three-Part Breath for PeaceThanksgiving… it’s a whirlwind of activity coming your way soon.  There are groceries to battle for at the commissary, wonderful dishes to prepare, a table to set, activities to plan, family/friends to deal with, travel plans to execute, turkey trots to run on post, and whatever else you have going on this year.

If you feel like you’re getting swept up and carried away, try using the three-part part breath to get grounded and calm your thoughts.  If you’ve ever had that really great, almost euphoric, feeling after yoga class, it’s probably because you spent time focusing on your breath.  To get to that really calm space in a short amount of time, try the technique demonstrated in this video I made.  Repeat the three-part breath for at least 10 breaths or until you feel your heart rate slow and your mind calm down.

Videographer: Sophia Bacso   Video Editor: Leslie Brians

My daughter filmed this video for me.  You can hear her breathing along with me.  It’s contagious.  Try it with your kids if they start to get over-stimulated with all of the activity surrounding Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite way to re-focus when things are crazy?