An Army wife, Angela is a fierce advocate for military spouses and is dedicated to providing encouraging and healthy connections. Through multiple moves and countless rotations, she thrives when surrounded by positive and energetic friends. Angela is an awardee of the “COL” Maggie Raye Award and the Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service. When she’s not curled up reading a book or journaling, you’ll see her taking Junie-B (her cute little Yorkie) for walks, spending time with her gal-pals, or exploring new places with her main squeeze and best friend, Rob.  





Community Director and Board Secretary


• BS of Communication (Public Relations), Radford University

Before I joined InDependent I:

I’ve held several paid position and volunteer roles, each encouraging a strong community involvement through volunteering, mentorship, and building relationships among Army spouses to help combat loneliness and isolation.

Favorite Part About the Job:

Connecting military spouses to each other through a positive experience.


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Favorite Duty Station:

They’ve all been my favorite and all for different reasons, but the one thing they all have in common is the wonderful people I’ve met at each of them.  

Fitness Routine:


Food Philosophy:

Fresh, fresh, fresh! I avoid anything processed or boxed, anything that will take 10 years to expire, or anything that has been frozen (except ice cream!).  

Favorite Pastime:

Exploring! It’s exciting to pop into any small town and walk around to see and do new things.  

Favorite Healthy Snack:

An apple. Always. And maybe some peanut butter on the side.   

Odd Healthy Habit:

I journal for my health. I do a daily journal, full of to-do lists (and boy does it feel good to check off those boxes!) and schedules. I also do Bible journaling. I read a passage or chapter in the Bible and write about what it means to me. I love, love, love to journal with different pens (I may have a small addiction), washi tape, and stickers. Having at least an hour each morning to do this sets up the rest of my day for organization, peace of mind (that I’m not forgetting anything), and happiness.

Fitness Achievement Most Proud of:

I’ve run several 5ks and I look forward to continuing along my fitness journey.  

Favorite Workout Gadget:

My Apple Watch. Unless you count a foam roller as a gadget. I love my roller, and so do my shoulders!  

Favorite Workout Song:

Anything upbeat, fast, and positive! If I’m not listening to upbeat music, I put a podcast on (love the History Chicks or Focus on the Family).

What Makes You Smile:

Courage! In a world where doubt often overcomes and the need to fit in or conform is ideal, we often lack the courage to show up just as we are and be okay with it. When weakness is considered a bad thing, having the ability to say “I am struggling” is tough. When somebody has this virtue or breakthrough or ability, I applaud it and embrace it.  

Wellness Practice:

Bubble baths. It’s my relaxing, for-just-me time, allowing me to re-energize and process my thoughts. It’s my meditation time.  

Biggest Fitness Hurdle:

Working out is NOT something that comes naturally to me. Completing an intense workout is a daily struggle, but I do it because I crave a healthy lifestyle.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

- Etta Turner-